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So you’ve setup your own referral program? Good work! However, starting a referral program is not sufficient. You still need to promote it, and you can promote it by using various social media platforms, but have you ever tried using Instagram? Instagram provides 15 times lots more engagement compared to Facebook, Twitter or Google. What was once a simple photo-sharing app has become a major sales channel. Most people need to visualize a concept, which is the reason why Instagram makes businesses a success. It utilizes images as a focal point, which thereby creates buzz, and maximizes marketing, because remember, images sells. So how exactly can you promote a referral program on Instagram? 1. Make full use of links: You can put a link to your referral program anywhere. So why not put them on Instagram? Links are just about as helpful as hashtags when Instagram is involved. If it is clickable, individuals will most likely be curious and clicks are guaranteed to happen. This is a good way to advertise your program, that’s not excessive. Many people will see it, so when they are ready they will surely click the link and signup. For example, a person may love to sign up for your program, but is in a hurry. By putting a link in your bio, he or she will definitely know how to find the program. It is that simple. So if you have several followers on your Instagram use a simple link and connect people to your referral program 2. Showcase your program: This is definitely one of the easiest means of using your Instagram profile to showcase your referral program. You may have a referral program landing page on your main website, take a screenshot of the landing page and post it on your Instagram page. Virtually all your followers will see it, and it will help increase your referral program traffic. Also, another great way to showcase it is by using filters. Users take notice of filters! Take an image; apply a really cool filter, and then use a little bit of text to promote your program. 3. Use Program testimonials: Whether you post a photo of a member with their product and have their testimonial as the comment, or post a video of the customer’s recommendation – it is a win. Everyone loves to see cheerful things. Therefore, if you have a referral program member who may have anything great to say, then show it off. It’s a win-win for everybody. You’ll have an intriguing post. Your program member will be pleased, and other people will likely be encouraged to sign up. 4. Show off your success: Many people have an easier time engaging in something when they have seen other people do it. So try making a post about how many people have joined on Instagram, and also post about how many referrals have become new customers. As stated before, most people respond extremely well to positivity. The more you show off the number of people that have registered, or the success rate of your referral program, more and more people will join. 5. Assist people envision the rewards: Help people visualize the things they can be rewarded with when they join your program. You can simply post a shot of the reward all alone; you could post a photo of a program member with their reward. Or perhaps you can post a shot of the reward, and talk about how many people have already earned it. It’s a very simple and efficient method to interest individuals to sign up for your referral program.


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