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With more than 300 million active users posting 70 million photographs per day and liking 2.5 billion photographs daily, Instagram is a platform that serious marketers need to consider. Used well, Instagram can be a high-targeted, visual advertising channel for your own brand. As a matter of fact, in a recent research, it was discovered that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than other social media platforms. This means that Instagram is a major channel to develop your brand for your business. However to ensure your business grows faster, it is highly important to harness the numerous Instagram features available to you. In this article, we have put together the most effective ways you can harness the power of Instagram in favour of your business. 1. Optimize Your Bio: Before people click follow on your Instagram, they have to go through your profile. So ensure that the last thing people see before they choose to follow you is an appealing and informative bio. Convince them of the value and content material you’ll add to their feeds. By doing this, your bio functions just like your business card would in real life circumstances. What your Bio should contain: Professional-quality headshot Link back to your website Short description of your business Short description of whatever you will share on Instagram 2. Make use of Industry-Related Hashtags: Generally, Twitter, as well as Facebook enables you to post links. However, Instagram stops you from linking URLs in comments and descriptions. Instead, it supports the use of hashtags, which explains exactly why they’re highly instrumental in connecting you with your followers. Because of hashtags, content gets a lot more visibility among a large number of users who wouldn’t have seen it normally. Keep in mind when choosing your hashtags, be specific, and be relevant. Also, use a mix of popular, trending, and industry topic-related hashtags. 3. Utilize the power of videos: When it comes to sharing your updates, push beyond the picture posts and elevate your customers’ experience further by sharing engaging videos. Recent studies indicate videos shared on Instagram yield three times much more traffic compared to picture posts. You should think about your distinctive selling points, as well as your brand story and make short videos that represent them. 4. Make your Instagram followers feel special: Rewarding your followers is one great way you can make your follower really feel special, and show them you value their support. For example, give your followers great promos and good deals on their products. You can also, turn your followers into ardent brand ambassadors by encouraging them to share photographs of them using your products or services. By sharing their content on your page, it will certainly do a lot to boost their perception of your brand, and make them feel special. 5. Engage your followers: It’s easy to look at Instagram as simply a photo-sharing app, but if you neglect to engage with your followers, you will never enjoy the full benefits associated with the site. To take full advantage of the platform and pull your followers, make an effort to engage with others by liking and commenting on their images, as well as responding to comments on your own photographs. 6. Humanise your brand by showing faces of your team: I can’t emphasize this enough; people really love to get behind the curtain with their favourite companies. Show your staff members on the job or your most recent company picnic – anything that enables your customers to see the human side of your company.


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